Man shocked to find massive huntsman spider hiding in his HEADPHONES

Olly Hurst, a plumber, based in Perth discovered a large huntsman spider. Sounds normal?

Well, he found it inside of his noise-cancelling headphones. Olly felt a tickle in his ear when he put his headphones on for work.

As he pulled off the headphonesa huge huntsman spider was discovered inside.

A video was shared where one can see the terrifying footage of the spider tuck inside the ear padding, it was shown by the ABC 

In the clip, Mr Hurst mentions, ‘I absolutely knew I could feel something tickling my ear,’ 

‘Hmm. Nasty!’

To get the spider out Olly turns the headphones upside down and shook it, but it won’t get out.

‘He doesn’t want to come out. He is happy in there,’ he said.

The video footage shows him trying to continuously get the spider out and finally laughs, drops the headphones and walks away.

A social media user told that they would prefer to abandon their life altogether after facing such an incident

‘I always shake my work boots out in the morning before I put them on. Luckily the worst critter has only been a gecko,’ said another user

The good news is huntsmans rarely bite and are fairly docile. Their bite can cause a lot of pain, irritation, and discomfort, even though the is venom is not deadly.

Huntsman spiders usually are not aggressive and survive in homes