Man has two guesses to remember forgotten Bitcoin password for $220 million wallet

Just two guesses left to figure out the password to his wealth! Yes, you read that right. The Bitcoin owner wealth is worth around $220 million (£161m).

Currently living in San Francisco, Stefan Thomas, a German-born programmer, requires a password to unlock IronKey, a small hard drive.

The unique part is that IronKey allows only 10 guesses to its user before seizing up and encrypting the contents forever.

In short, it will be an utter disaster if someone forgets their password. Unfortunately, Thomas got himself in it as he claims to have who lost the password that was written on a piece of paper.

At present all his eight times has failed; leaving him with only two options.

He told to the New York Times, “I would just lay in bed and think about it.

“Then I would go to the computer with some new strategy, and it wouldn’t work, and I would be desperate again.”

As state by Thomas said he was into Bitcoin as the currency was beyond the control of a country or a company.

In 2011, when he was residing in Switzerland 7,002 Bitcoins was given to him by a Bitcoin advocate. He also posted an animated video about the cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, he lost the digital keys to the wallet holding the Bitcoin.

Leading him to just have a watch as the value rose and fell over the years. On 8th January, Friday, Bitcoin prices scaled a record high of $42,000 (£30,991).

Which also brings the entire global cryptocurrency market to a worth of $1.07 trillion (£790 billion).

Whereas on Monday later the prices fell to $31,000 (£23,000) and so was the global crypto-coin market back to $880 billion (£649 billion).

The IronKey is in a secure facility and hoping that someone arrives with a solution to crack it

Tomas said “I got to a point where I said to myself, ‘Let it be in the past, just for your own mental health’.