Man Hands His Girlfriend DNA Test Results On Their Child’s Birthday, Blasts Her For Cheating And Lying To Him

This just in, justice has been served as a woman who has been cheating on her partner finally gets caught red-handed.

The man seems to have brought a DNA test after the child’s birthday party in order to prove that her wife had been lying this whole time.

Cheating is a grave sin, and certainly heartbreaking for the other person. As is evident by the pain in this man’s voice.

This man seems to have set up a masterplan to confront her girlfriend for all her lies. It’s a masterpiece, really.

His girlfriend had been cheating on him for years, and had also tricked him into thinking that the child was theirs.

The mad man went ahead and filmed the entire thing. Once he posted it online, it was only natural that the video caught on fire and went viral.

The plan’s great. It kicks off with the man heading to the gift shop and buying a bunch of bags. Step two is to get a DNA test done for him and his daughter. Step three is to pack each bag in and over to create the hype for the surprise. Step four is profit.

As ‘Mommy’ was cooking it up in the kitchen, our homeboy went up to her and gave her the amazing ‘gift’.

She was hoping it was that necklace she was wishing for or tickets for a vacation, but instead, she got an eviction notice.

The surprised look on her face is what I like to call the sweet face of justice. When she finally reaches the end, she’s shocked. She continues to lie, defending her innocence for a while, until she gives in.

Turns out, ‘Mommy’ was having a field trip fooling ‘Daddy’ around for three years. To think, that the man invested his time and effort into caring for someone who had the audacity to lie to him for so many years. It’s shameful, and there are so many people who get away with this kind of thing too often.

It’s wrong to lie to your partner, and it’s shameful to continue to do so in hopes that they may never find out. You can’t outrun karma, and all of it eventually comes to bite you in the back.