Man accidentally creates group chat with 60 girls after trying to send them “sexy” pic

A rather bad luck or can be a call of karma where a man accidently creates a huge group chat when he was clearly texting different women at the same time.

The man decides to send private pictures but accidently creates a huge group chat when instead of all the women receiving a message of their own.

Rather embarrassing and awkward.

The hilarious muddle was shared by a TikToker Aliana with the user handle @alianadevries with her followers, she confirms that all the women in the group ended up being best of friends.

While posting the clip, Aliana wrote: “Added to a group chat with 60 random girls by the guy I used to talk to.”

In the clip you can surely see all the women having huge confusions, where one is asking:

“Can someone explain to me what this is?”

And another women adds: “Did he do this on purpose?”

As soon as the man realise his blunder he quickly sends a follow up apology message explaining the whole situation.

He wrote: “Dear everyone.

“I am so sorry for my actions. I went upstairs to hit a late-night workout and had a terrible idea to create a private story to post douchey Snapchats to… as you know, I created a group instead.

“This is truly humbling, and I am sorry for those who I hurt in the process.

“I am learning from this mistake and will be re-evaluating my life.

“I will be throwing an Isaac roast party soon and you are all invited.”

Alaina’s Tiktok users responded by saying: “This is actually the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Some users expressed that his formal apology statement was hysterical.

Meanwhile another TikTok user wrote: “He really went and made a press release apologising for his actions.”