Leaked PS5 real-life photos surface, console looks massive

The PlayStation 5 will finally be out for everyone to enjoy on the 12th of November.

Lots of new interesting details regarding the console have been revealed ever since its price confirmation during the showcase.

Recently, a YouTuber who has a channel named Pocky, showed the console in its entirety laying on a table and looking MASSIVE when compared to the objects in the surrounding.

We all knew the PlayStation 5 was going to be huge, and thanks to Pocky’s video which put things into a clear perspective, we know exactly how big of a nuisance it’s going to be on our desks.

It’s not just the above guy either, lots of other individuals have gotten their hands on the console. @Nibellion was able to give us a good idea of what to expect from Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Oh boy, does the DualSense look absolutely beautiful as well. @Nibellion was able to get us pictures of the famous new controller for the PlayStation 5 with different colored light-bars.

The PlayStation 5 is measured to be 390mm by 104mm by 260 mm. The body of the next-generation console weighs around at roughly 4.5 Kilograms. @MrProWestie showed us a photo, comparing the two upcoming next-generation consoles side-by-side.

Yuki Hayashi from 4gamer had some interesting thoughts for the next-generation console saying, ‘It’s interesting that it feels slimmer than the actual size from almost any angle. This is the same whether it is placed vertically or horizontally. The PS5 I shot was supported by the attached stand, but I couldn’t confirm the stand itself in detail.’

Hayashi also said that the over-heating issue, and the jet-engine issue from the previous console; PlayStation 4, was fixed.

According to Yuki Hayashi, “I started playing one of the launch titles, Godfall, and after a while I checked it, but the wind coming out of the exhaust was gentle and didn’t feel extremely hot. At this time, the temperature of the studio was about 30 degrees… the exhaust was gentle, and I could hardly hear what seemed to be the rotating noise of the fan.”

It seems the PlayStation 5 has come out into the wild for reviewers to try out. We should have a clearer vision of what the PlayStation 5 is going to bring to the gaming community in the coming few weeks.