Leaked: New open world Harry Potter game is coming soon

Little did we know that we’ll get to play a ‘Harry Potter’ RPG game in the post-COVID multiverse. Yes, you’ve heard it right!

If the reports are to be believed, an open-world ‘Harry Potter’ RPG game playable on next-gen consoles is going to hit the market in 2021.

The developers are currently toiling to make an open-world Hogwarts possible in which gamers will get to explore full-on Harry Potter life.

The ‘Harry Potter’ RPG game is supposedly going to be a ‘big-budget’ game and is expected to be released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021.

As posted by Bloomberg, the game is being crafted by the developer Avalanche Software.

Bursting the bubble, a little more, the game is going to let the gamers explore Hogwarts and the areas in its vicinity as an open-world experience wherein you can play multiple characters as wizards so as to explore the mystical world to its fullest.

The Harry Potter game made its first appearance in 2018 in the form of leaked footage. The footage was a mere sneak-peek into the open-world of Hogwarts in action. It also exhibited how players will be combating each other by making use of spells.

Is Avalanche Software the right developer for this game? Going by their track record, we’ve seen them work their magic on games such as toys-to-life series and Disney Infinity.

Other than that, video game titles namely Toy Story 3 and Dragon Ball Z: sagas were their creation as well. So, it’s safe to say that the ‘Harry Potter’ RPG game is in the right hands.

It’s also being speculated that following the controversial statements issued by J.K. Rowling, the developers have raised their concerns per se. However, Avalanche Software as a developer firm has kept mum on the recent controversy that got sparked when J.K. Rowling made some comments which were widely declared as transphobic.

Nonetheless, there have been off-the-record discussions between the staff members surrounding this debate on the developers’ favorite workspace messaging app Slack.

Originally supposed to be announced in June 2020 as an E3 press conference surprise package, the Harry Potter open-world RPG game is now all set to be announced in August following a 24-hour celebratory DC fanDome.

Stating the obvious, they’re not going to name it the Harry Potter RPG game no matter what. So, what’re they going to call it? The recent leak has revealed that the game could be named Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy.

This leak further cements the fact that the game will be announced in August and we’ll be seeing it hit the market in summer 2021, most probably in June.