Joe Biden signs executive order overturning Trump’s controversial policies

Donald Trump’s most controversial policies will be overturned, pledges Joe Biden. The newly elected president pledges to reverse orders within hours after taking the oath.

Trump’s plans on immigration, climate change and the handling of the pandemic will be revised and necessary actions will be taken state, Biden.

Biden signed a series of executive orders after attending the inauguration to mark the end of the construction of ‘The Wall’ between Mexico and the US, along with other plans of Trump that include withdraw of the travel ban from some Muslim-majority countries, and re-joining the Paris Climate Accord as well as the World Health Organisation.

Total 15 executive orders will be signed by Biden in order to rewind some of the policies of Trump.

To promote and prioritise racial equality, orders will be passed to federal agencies with an adequate review of all policies that might emphasize systemic racism; also ethic pledge needs to be taken by federal employees.

Such a measure has been put to act as Trump then and now influenced the body in the prosecution of his former advisors and allies.

Susan Rice, Biden’s domestic policy adviser said that the report of Trump’s ‘1776 Commission’ will be revoked by Biden, which was aimed to spread ‘patriotic education’. 

As per CNN reports, it was developed to rival the New York Times’ 1619 Project, the objective was to teach the students of America about slavery. Last September, Trump called -the Pulitzer Prize-winning project a ‘toxic propaganda’.

Former President Donald Trump wasn’t present in the swearing-in ceremony, thus leaving aside the handover of the ‘nuclear football’.

The briefcase contains the equipment which Biden, would take in control to direct a nuclear attack, it also comprises of plans, command access, control systems and the operation for authorising nuclear codes.

The ‘nuclear biscuit’, a plastic card that has codes which identify the President and gives him the power to authorise a nuclear attack, any time

At around 8 am, Trump will leave Washington D.C. and head to his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, CNN reports also state that Trump will take the nuclear football and biscuit.

“The easiest way to think about it is there is a seamless cutover as to which ‘biscuit’ is valid at noon Wednesday.” Vipin Narang, a nuclear policy expert at MIT said to CNN,

He added, “Biden’s biscuit would not be valid at 11.59 am, and Trump’s would not be valid at 12.01 pm.”