Incredibly Rare white Bengal tiger is born in a Zoo

Last week, an incredibly rare white Bengal tiger was born to a yellow and black tiger in Nicaraguan zoo. Nieve weighing two pounds, born in the Central American country is the first of its kind. according to The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota, white tigers are known to have a recessive gene.

Interestingly, Nieve was rejected by her mother and at present is being raised by the wife of the zoo director.

In Spanish, Nieve, means snow, heer mother is a yellow-and-black Bengal tiger, unfortunately, could not produce milk to feed her. 5 years ago, she was rescued from a circus while she acquired the rare gene from her grandfather, who was a white tiger.

According to Conservation group WWF, white tigers are described as ‘a genetic anomaly’, and no other animal to have existed in the wild. White tigers are not a separate species or albinos.

As per the sanctuary website, white cubs draw more visitors and therefore some parks and zoos tend to get white tigers by inbreeding; but many times, malformations occur and also give rise to genetic problems.

Director Sacasa’s wife, Marina Arguello, feeds the newborn cub and also assists her husband to take care of the zoo which houses around 700 animals, along with a rescue centre.

‘She has not lost her appetite; every three hours she gets the bottle. If not, she screams… also if the milk gets too cold,’ said Arguello about the rare born.’