Husky patiently teaches his blind sibling to jump down a bench video gone viral

Recent footage of a Husky dog helping his blind sibling leap down a bench has gone viral on social media in China and moved millions of people.

This disabled or scared pet, Da Bao, got stuck on the furniture while playing and was scared to jump. Then his younger brother, Ju Bao, repeatedly encouraged him to take the leap as well as showed him how to jump. Both these adorable dogs moved the hearts of millions with the example of their brotherhood.

This beautiful and touching video was filmed on the afternoon of 29th November, Sunday in the city of Xiangyang. The owner of these dogs Mr. Chen mentioned they both are five years old and came from the same litter.

The meanings of their names are Da Bao is ‘big treasure’ and Ju Bao is ‘giant treasure’. The owner confirms Ju Bao has been acting as Da Bao’s eyes all these years.

Mr. Chen told MailOnline, “Da Bao loves interacting with people, but because of his birth defect, he is more scared of strangers”. Mr. Chen recently opened a pet resort in Xiangyang to look after Da Bao, so he could spend more time with the other dogs.

This trending video shared by Mr. Chen showing Da Bao whining while poking his head over the edge of the bench at the beginning. After a few seconds, Ju Bao leaps onto the bench to help his brother and he tries to drag his blind brother by biting the back of his neck before jumping down the bench. After repeating these actions for some time, Ju Bao hops back onto the bench, with the determination to help Da Bao down.

While Ju Bao bites on the back of Da Bao for the third time, he miraculously leaps forward and lands on the ground safely and immediately followed by Ju Bao. Since this video clip was uploaded onto Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, it has amassed more than two million clicks.

A fan mentioned, “Dogs’ emotional is pure. That is why so many people like dogs. In comparison, such sincerity is lacking between humans in reality.”

Another user said, “All creatures have emotions. Please treat them nicely.” But the best comment by a user of Douyin is “’I cried so much watching this video”.