Heartbreaking Reference To Sam And Henry in ‘The Last Of Us Part 2’

Did you remember Sam and his older brother Henry in The Last of US who lived in Hartford’s quarantine zone?  Probably yes, because both of them gained a lot of popularity and their tragic story has been referenced on its sequel.

The first part of the game was lauded for its emotional narrative that left players reeling. Now, the second part of the game is a gut punch in the best possible way. The Last of Us Part 2 has the become the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive ever.

Both the games are set in a pandemic-ravaged apocalyptic America where the deadly Cordyceps virus has turned a majority of the population into violent, mindless zombies. Released on June 19, “The Last of US Part II” has been described  as “groundbreaking” for being a big-budget game from a major developer with multiple lead characters who are unconventional.

The  sequel reminds us of that fateful event with Sam & Henry when Joel and Ellie meet the fellow survivors about halfway through the game. 

The second game is played  from the perspective of Ellie while in the first game you played as Joel.

Henry appeared as a survivor from Hartford and was fiercely protective about his older brother.

Heartbreaking Reference To Sam And Henry in 'The Last Of Us Part 2' | fragpunch.com

The gameplay variety, horror elements and all other features delivered a blockbuster gaming experience.

Many fans have argued that the original game featured a much better story than its sequel and there has been a lot of debate going on currently regarding the same.