Guy who paid $3.2 million to sleep with Megan Fox is suing because she didn’t show up

An escort agency gets sued for not standing up to the demands of a man after he pays $3.7 million for ‘sexual services’ which includes A-list model Megan Fox as well as actresses.

Most of the people may falter across an Airbnb or say look over eBay sellers before getting a transaction made for bargained items.

All such similar things can return and give a big blow to our budget but most importantly pride of a person can end up getting hurt.

The Chinese guy who paid in millions to gain ‘sexual services’ from Megan Fox, as well as Independence Day actress, Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel was left out literally.

All the A-list models and actresses didn’t show up, ever.

Sydney-based agency Royal Court Escort charged Yu ‘Martin’ Xu an amount of  $3.7 million for ‘sexual services’ with the women but things didn’t turn up as expected.

It is said that money can’t buy you happiness, which is debatable but it surely can’t assist you to buy common sense.

But who would out of the blue purchase a sex appointment with some of the most successful women in the entertainment industry that includes Megan Fox, Candice Swanepoel, or Angelababy?

As per the Chinese man, Xu said that the agency promised to offer ‘female escorts of international standing for the provision of sexual services.’

He also continues to state that the agency agreed to arrange the meeting anywhere in the world and in return he had to transfer $3.7 million, including transport and accommodation.

His lawyers released a statement that read-

“It was agreed that if (Mr Xu) pay the sum of $3.7 million the agency would provide Megan Fox, Candice Swanepoel and ‘Angelababy’ as escorts for sexual services.”

Reportedly the staggering amount was paid by Xu, he also successfully transferred an initial ‘joining fee’ of $24,000, after which proceeded with a number of $500,000 instalments to guarantee his sex sessions spot.

But when the time arrived for the women to meet none of them showed up.

Everything said it must be noted that even if someone owns that amount of money, it must be utilised with proper thinking and analysis, be it sex with some of the most A-listers.