GTA VI: Vice city map apparently leaks online, fans freak out

A hint towards the nature of the next game in the series leaves Grand Theft Auto fans freaked out once again

Earlier this week on Reddit and ResetEra an unverified image of a map became a thing of speculation that the title might take place across a South America inspired new area and Vice City.

Many are not yet convinced as the “map” seems to come out all of a sudden; the sole reason people are considering it as it has similarity to another alleged leak from 2018 (which also still remains completely unverified)

Till now everything about Grand Theft Auto VI is mere speculation, whispers and rumours.

Even after nearly a decade of Grand Theft Auto V, nothing really has been revealed about a sequel. 

In August, the domains for “gtavicecityonline’ and ‘’ got updated by Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive, just after a few months when rumours suggested GTA VI will be returning players to Vice City.

Also in August, a little earlier an 80’s electro-synth artist mentioned in a tweet (now-deleted) that Rockstar Games has been in touch with numerous artists to work on the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto VI

While Reddit user markothemexicam state to have heard from a roommate that worked at Rockstar that GTA VI is meant to be set in Vice City.

He further claims that the upcoming game has unique weather systems that will affect NPCs, along with “random lightning strikes”.

Well, all things said, everything till now includes just rumours. It will be worth to wait until the actual news arrives from Rockstar.

Until the next official announcement, keep looking out for valid information, if any.