GTA V teases possible GTA VI map, fans go berserk

Grand Theft Auto V might be teasing a map for GTA VI and fans can’t seem to handle it.

In 2018, the leaks first arrived but were dismissed immediately due to very less evidence.

Later on, they were gaining attention once again after new leaks that had similarities to the images.

With the leaks surfacing, the postcards in a strip club in GTA V are providing some great clues; as players are continuously looking for legitimate evidence.

Redditor ‘MrBurpAlot’ detailed on how the postcards in the strip club of “Paradise Isle” relate to the map which got leaked previously.

They wrote, “So, in the changing rooms in the back of the strip club, there are these postcards referring ‘Paradise Isle,’”

“Initially, I thought the name ‘Paradise Isle’ could be a reference to somewhere like Hawaii or The Bahamas, but after the alleged map leak, it also seems the pictures fit pretty well regarding distance and such.”

He adds “You can also take a look at the three islands I pointed out in the top postcard… I personally think the top right island could be a GTA version of Bahamas,”

The originally leaked map has three islands which are quite a distance away from each other and all of them looks very similar to how they are in the postcards.

Fans in the r/GTA6 subreddit are on the look to locate the real-world location on which the map is based on; one player suggests that it might be in Rio.

However, to know things better, players need to wait for Rockstar to make the announcement and whether the leaks are legitimate for Rockstar Studios or not, remains uncertain.