‘GTA: San Andreas’ Has Been Remade With Stunning Photorealistic Graphics

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, the game that even our grand mothers knew about. The game that set a new standard for open-world games back in its time.

The classic masterpiece has been partially remade in Unreal Engine 4 by some talented individuals.

There isn’t exactly a lot of hope for a remake of GTA SanAndreas, but this fan-made effort by Santiago Ibarra, Fabian Alvarez, and Juan David Góngora, hits every nostalgia button in our hearts. We, for one, can’t wait to step back into the streets of Los Santos, and relive the life of Carl Johnson.

A group of three fans of the game (ArcadiaSquad) have gone ahead and given us a glimpse of what Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas would look like, if re-made with modern graphics, and an improved engine.

Creators like this are a gift to the gaming community, you can go ahead and check out ArcadiaSquad’s patreon to further support their endeavours. Although, the remake seems to be in its early stages, the community should be able to get their hands on it sooner or later.

The trailer showcases the classic SanAndreas map remade with the Unreal Engine 4’s graphics. Giving us a quick tour of the beautiful Los Santos, that we’ve all grown to love.