Grand Theft Auto 6 Claims for a Female Protagonist, Vice City, and Other Rumors Are True

As per the Grand Theft Auto VI rumors, one of the biggest and most persistent is that the next installment in the GTA series will be taking players back to Vice City.

This claims has been a consistent claim across most rumors, reports, and leaks, both of the credible and dubious variety.

While the general consensus seems to be that Vice City is happening, there’s been some disagreement about the other possible locations.

Some rumors and leaks have suggested the game will also take players back to Liberty City, while others have contrary claims that the series is going international, or more specifically to South America.

Among the leaks to claim the latter is the infamous Project Americas leak, which was the first to claim that the game’s settings will include Vice City and South America.

According to one insider, not only is the Project Americas leak accurate, but the new report shows that the game will have a female protagonist as well.

Earlier this week, a prominent Call of Duty leaker surfaced claiming that the game will have two protagonists, one of which will be the series’ first female protagonist.

According to him this report is true. More specifically, popular YouTuber Legacy Killa put their weight behind the claims. But, they don’t say anything else of consequence. They also don’t divulge their source, but gave a hint saying, “someone in the know.”

At the moment of publishing, Rockstar Games has not announced GTA 6. Despite this, there’s been plenty of coverage of the game recently.