Footage shows the amount of damage to the US capitol inflicted by Trump supporters

The aftermath of the US Capitol siege footage gives insight to the chaos Trump supporters left behind.

News images and videos show the reckless and chaotic situation that was created by the rioters. Protesters were climbing the walls, stealing podiums vandalising offices and what not.

At Capitol building, the lawmakers forcefully evacuated the as protesters but, situations took a different turn when the security forces were overturned and rioters stormed the building.

The protesters were encouraged by Trump to march ahead and nearly after four hours later the US officials finally could announce that the Capitol was no more in a threat situation.

The video footage reveals protesters smashing glass, breaking doors and destroying desks. A graffiti on a door also read, ‘Murder the media,’ the image of the same was shared by journalist Anthony Quintano.

A huge note left by one of the rioters next to broken glass in the Capitol’s kitchen as reported by ABC News reporter Kevin Lewis.

The note read-

See this broken glass? You thought democracy was you made the rules and citizens obeyed. Well, as you can see, you find out the hard way. You take citizens for granted, expecting us to vote for your approved candidates, then shut up until the next election.

Thomas Jefferson is smiling at all this mess! He’s happy that we had to do this. Now, enjoy your coffee and learn your lesson.

Across the floor of the Rotunda destructed furniture and debris littered corridors and personal belongings remain scattered.

Both law enforcement officials both current and former blamed the entire act of chaos on the lack of security planning as cited by Reuters 

The potential crowd that was present to witness the president speak in Washington DC was huge as compared to the 2,000-member US Capitol Police Force that guarded the 126-acre Capitol Grounds.

Reporter Frank Thorp of NBC off-air shared an image on Twitter of Zachary Taylor, the 12th president, smeared with blood.

AS reported by Terrance Gainer, Ex-Capitol Police chief and served the US Senate’s Sergeant at Arms, said that the officers found it ‘difficult to defend’ as various windows and doors were interlinked in the 19th-century complex.