First real-life image of PS5 Dual-Sense Controller leaked

With the PlayStation 5 soon to release, there have been various displays of the console in the wild. Sony has released official pictures of its new console as well as the DualSense controller.

Sony always goes over the top with its consoles and the gadgets that come along with it, and the DualSense is no exception.

We have to say, the white design does look pretty stylish compared to the all-black theme with the DualShock 4. The sleek design of the controller seems pretty versatile, and for one, we’re really excited to see how different versions of the controller look when exclusives start hitting the shelves.

A better image seems to have surfaced courtesy of Gamer17, who showed the controller from a different angle, revealing to us, a plethora of more details for the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

A much improved version of a returning feature will be introduced to the Dual Sense, which is the touchpad. Albeit, the games on the previous iteration seemed to have completely ignored the existence of this feature on the PlayStation 4, it still remains to be seen how it’ll be utilised on the PlayStation 5.

The controller is definitely much larger in size when brought into contrast with the DualShock 4, which would make sense considering the new features Sony’s PlayStation 5 seems to boast.