Female Bodybuilder receiving marriage proposals due to her muscular physique

A bodybuilder, Daniela Zuccarini says several marriage proposals were turned down from fellas who were smitten of her bulging muscles.

Daniela from Rome has been quite active and concerned about her fitness. Back in 2019, she decided to give bodybuilding a try and ever since the journey has been incredible.

For her, exercising is both mentally and physically empowering. Twice a week, Daniela practises intensive weight training sessions every day alongside cardio.

She also keeps away Meat and dairy from her diet to maintain a lean look.

Daniela uses social media as a ‘source of inspiration’ and also regularly shares her pictures and interacts with other fitness fanatics.

Men love her muscles, the amount of attention that she receives has even scaled up to odd marriage proposals.

The other ugly side of social media did show up with trolls hurled against Daniela. Some stated she’s ‘too muscly’ for a woman, while another asked Daniela to take a blood test as she didn’t believe a woman could have such a physique.

But Daniela doesn’t get bothered by it and she wishes to inspire other women to follow their own fitness goals.

Daniela says: “Fitness has always been a part of who I am. In my 20s, it really became a passion when my partner at the time encouraged me to take up running.

“I ran regularly for 25 years, but I wanted to take things further. I became interested in training and started working on my diet too.

She further adds “Despite that, I feel better than ever. I’ve always worked as a model and still get many requests but since I started bodybuilding, I’ve gained so much confidence and I feel stronger and more certain of who I am.”

As per Daniela the fitness community on social media, specifically Instagram helps her to achieve her fitness goals.

“You can connect with other people in the fitness community who encourage you to chase your goals which can be liberating.

“Most of the responses to my page have been lovely. I don’t think people are intimidated by my muscles because I’m quite feminine too and contrary to popular belief, I think lots of men like muscular women.

“When I’m dating, I’ve found that it’s not easy for a man who doesn’t have the same lifestyle as me to approach me, but it’s never been a problem from my point of view.”

“You wouldn’t think muscles could be so divisive. Some men have sent me marriage proposals whereas I’ve also had a woman tell me to go for a blood test because she didn’t think this could be healthy.”

“If there are other women out there with a fitness goal, don’t let anything hold you back. Do everything you can to achieve your goal – no matter what others say,” concludes Daniela