Entitled “Karen” Tries To Hit Hairdresser Then Expects Her To Finish Dye Job

“Karen” the middle-aged privilege female with a bob who is spoiled, borderline racist, and a perfect stereotype of white.

This time Karen denied getting her hair done by a Hispanic assistant.

Earlier She was screaming at Trader Joe’s and even got physical.

She also started throwing groceries and saying curses the moment she was asked to wear a mask.

In the viral video, Sharon Spellman, a hairstylist and client Karen face a major disagreement.

Karen was not allowing Spellman’s Hispanic assistant to finish the hair colour which was actually started by Spellman. This got Karen angry, hysterical, and also abusive. She even tried to assault Spellman.

Spellman shared footage of her salon’s security camera to her Instagram with the caption:


Hair Stylists & allll customer service workers, BEWARE! This behaviour really is out there!!

This all happened because my Hispanic assistant was going to finish her root touch-up!!

 I do not condone racism, violence, or disrespect!!!! and always stand up for what is RIGHT!

 I understand people are going through their own hardships but, WE ALL ARE! That is not an excuse to treat others poorly!!!

 PS. I was able to obtain all this footage via my security camera. Everyone stay safe out there. The world is CRAZY!”

Spellman and the assistant, with Karen, is seen in the video clip at the salon hair.

When Spellman tells Karen, that she’s handing over her colour job to her assistant.

Karen (real name Robin) gets sensitive about it and doesn’t allow the assistant to touch her hair and even threatened to leave the salon. She says that only Spellman has to do her hair.

Even though Spellman explains the change, Karen doesn’t take it nicely and becomes more agitated.

Spellman also mentions that a year and a half before a client tried to hit her due to which Karen’s behaviour didn’t come as a surprise for her.