Engineer creates World’s First working retractable Lightsaber

An Engineer and a YouTuber, James Hobson made the ‘world’s first plasma-based retractable lightsaber’. Star Wars fans, are you excited to get hold of your own lightsaber?

 You can say goodbye to those neon sticks pretty soon.

The latest creation of ‘real’ lightsaber is said to be the best one after numerous attempts.

On his YouTube channel, James Hobson shares his methodology ‘The Hacksmith’, it has 10 million subscribers and counting.

“How the heck do you build a plasma-based lightsaber?”, says Hobson 

“Well, theories say that plasma is best held in a beam by a magnetic field, which, scientifically, checks out.

“The issue is producing a strong enough electromagnetic field to contain a blade. Well, the lightsaber would have to be quite literally built inside a box coated in electromagnets, which turns it into a kind of useless science project.”

To create it the product developer and Engineer got liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to act as a fuel; which gets mixed with oxygen and is then created to a superheated beam.

Unlike his previous attempts, the lightsaber has no metal rod at its core. Making it less like a sword.

Also, it can cut through a sheet of steel, burning at 2,200°C and get retracted. 

Hobson changes the colour of the beam as well by incorporating different chemicals-

Sodium chloride turning the beam-yellow

Boric acid turning it green

Strontium chloride turning it red 

Calcium chloride turning it amber.

This lightsaber differs from the ones wielded by Obi-Wan Kenobi and the rest as it has a custom-built backpack to carry the LPG.

Hobson says that backpack less version would need unfeasibly powerful batteries. Whichever way it is, this is a piece of great news for Star Wars fans out there.