Elder Scrolls VI release date hinted by industry insider

As reports from an insider state, The Elder Scrolls 6 will not release soon. Back in E3 2018, the time when Bethesda officially declared The Elder Scrolls 6, there was no announcement on the release date or say a release window.

But things are still the same even after two years, nothing has been released from Bethesda in regard to the game.

Recently, Tyler McVicker, industry insider spoke on Bethesda, he claimed that the Fallout New Vegas 2 is in process, but it seems that there might be a major delay as he predicts The Elder Scrolls 6 in 2026, the closest expectation. 

Bringing that to 5 years more to wait for and no further details have been revealed by McVicker. He only goes out to suggest that Bethesda Game Studios at present is focused on Starfield, which is a couple of years away.

If the routine sets in place, it means that PS5 and Xbox Series X generation will be out by the time The Elder Scrolls 6 gets released.

Are you thinking that it’s a long wait? Believe us it surely is, but it should be also thought about that the wait is not that extended as Fallout fans need to wait for Fallout 5, which supposedly won’t be released till the 2030s as suggested by McVicker.

In the past predictions, McVicker has had a fairly reliable reputation but nothing can be surely said and done, thus keeping a low-key is advisable.

There was no official release date or release window for The Elder Scrolls 6 when it got published. It is also a fact that the platforms beyond PC haven’t had any official statement released either, and thus bringing it down to a conclusion that the salient information won’t be available sooner.