Earth is spinning unusually fast and a second might need to be deleted

Now that’s big! Isn’t it? And it’s not just any rumour, astronomers have found that the Earth is spinning more quickly than the usual rate. This might lead to some corrections in terms of time.

Although people are not yet done with the lows of 2020 there is yet another revelation coming up, this time it’s a “time crisis”

For the first time in the past 50 years, in 2020 the Earth spun faster, with a record of 28 shortest days. The last record was in 1960, as per

According to the Telegraph, timekeepers were warned and instructed to introduce a negative leap second in order to stay accurate by experts and astronomers.

Leap seconds are used to calculate the differences between atomic time and less-precise solar time. Reportedly in the year 2012, a leap second took over the Internet, where Reddit, Yelp, Mozilla, and others reported a Y2K-esque crashes due to the shift in time.

While some of the experts expressed the need to end leap seconds, stating that they are a relic of a past and the world at present is more based on atomic time.

In the year 2023, the World Radiocommunication Conference may abolish the practice, though nothing is confirmed yet.

The rotational speed of the Earth tends to vary considerably due to factors such as the atmosphere. The motion of tides, the planet’s core, and weather conditions such as snowfall on mountains.