Doctor proves Face Masks don’t reduce Oxygen by wearing six at once on Oxygen Machine

The COVID-19 crisis has brought rumours from all around. Misconceptions, false medicine, techniques that don’t work, people have been doing everything they can to exploit other’s fears.

People have been trying to find an excuse for not wearing a mask, and many have debated that wearing one lowers your oxygen levels. A young doctor has debunked the myth by demonstrating it through video.

Dr Maitiu O Tuathail from Dublin, Ireland recorded himself wearing six marks on his face, whilst also monitoring his blood oxygen saturation levels.

The video was shared on Twitter with @DrZeroCraic’s followers, so that people may know that wearing masks for extended periods of time, is completely safe.

Credit: Storyful

A user adds, “Thank you! No matter how crazy or nonsensical questions might seem, please keep answering as it will promote their use and alleviate doubt.”

With conspiracy theorists spreading rumours all around, we need people like Dr. Maitiu to debunk rumours regarding the virus, so that a greater mass of people can know what’s best for them.

It’s important to understand that when you go out to work, or to buy groceries; you’re not just wearing a mask for yourself, you’re also doing it for all the people around you. Considering how silent and deadly the virus can be, it’s important that everyone wears a mask outdoors at all times.