Demi Lovato has “brain damage” after three strokes and heart attack due to drug overdose

Demi Lovato has gone candid over how drug overdose could have costed her life in a new documentary.

Demi was found unconscious at her home in Los Angeles in July 2018. She had been struggling throughout with widely documented addiction and mental health issues.

A month earlier she released a song entitled ‘Sober’ expressing her struggle with substance abuse.

Before she was rushed to a hospital Demi was administered Narcan.

The overdose had let the singing icon spent two weeks of time in a hospital before her treatment in a rehab facility and sober living facility.

Demi opens up about her condition on her recent documentary Dancing With The Devil.

The overdose was so severe that she had three strokes and a heart attack leaving her with some brain damage.

“I’ve had so much to say over the past two years wanting to set the record straight about what it was that happened,” During the trailer Lovato adds: “I’ve had a lot of lives. Like my cat, you know? I’m on my ninth life.”

“I had three strokes. I had a heart attack,”

“My doctors said that I had five to 10 more minutes.

“I crossed a line that I had never crossed.”

A friend of Demi named Matthew Scott Montgomery is seen asking: “Are we talking about heroin? Are we doing that?”

On one scene, Demi is seen hospitalized where she is in a hospital bed hooked up to a drip.

Her mother, Dianna De La Garza, is then seen saying : “We’re watching all of her blood come out of her body into a machine.”

Demi tells the camera about how her brain damage has effected her life where she no longer drives because of her blurry vision. She discloses that she began to use cocaine from the age of 17.

She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was 18 years-old when she got into a rehab.

In the new four-part documentary Lovato will be seen talking about her past traumas and the pressure of working in a entertainment business.

Demi Lovato have clearly stated that for the past couple of years she had heard a lot of stories about her life and what people think has happened to her and she wanted to set the record straight and reveal it all to her fans.

Dancing with the Devil is now all set to release on YouTube on 23 March.