Christian Onlyfans model feels God won’t judge her

Currently earning $200,000 (£146,000) per month, Christian OnlyFans model goes out to say that God won’t be a barrier for her stripping.

22-year-old, Lindsay Capuano, studied in a Catholic school, attend mass with family and also prays every day.

She says that God and her religion will not be an issue when it comes to her posting half-naked photos on Instagram (@lindsaycapuano).

With 2.4 million followers, the model from Connecticut, says “I grew up going to Catholic private school.

“Every Wednesday morning our class would walk to the church across the street and attend mass. My family and I would also attend mass again every Sunday.

She adds, “My family is Christian but very laid-back, my religion has never interfered or stopped me from doing anything I’ve wanted to do.”

Earlier Lindsay worked at a Christian daycare centre but left the job to invest solely on social media and OnlyFans account.

She says, “Throughout the summers of 2016 to 2018, I worked at a private Christian daycare.

“I actually loved the job and I really enjoyed working with the children,”

“But when things started really taking off last summer on Instagram and Snapchat, it didn’t make sense to go back.”

To her major career switch, Lindsay explains that her Christian parents are supportive and will be there for her always.

“They have always been that way,”

She continues, “They are so proud of me.

“We celebrate every time I reach another million followers on Instagram

“I’m blessed to have the family I do. I know a lot of parents aren’t as accepting as mine, so I consider myself to be very lucky and never take it for granted.

“God will love you no matter what – that’s what I was taught in my household, school and church.

She also said, “I pray every single night. I pray for whatever I feel I need to that day. I pray for my family, my fans, myself.”

Lindsay says she earns around $6,600 a day posting photos online, and that most of the money coming from tips – with some fans sometimes tipping her ‘$1,000 (£730) to $3,000 (£2,200) every day’.

Explaining that she’s received some particularly strange requests over the years, she added: “Some fans have asked me to send them jars filled with my used bathwater, so they could drink it.

“I was asked to make an armpit video – they offered quite a lot for it, but I politely declined that one.”

Despite the bizarre requests, Lindsay says the devotion from her fans makes her feel confident in herself.

She said: “It actually makes me feel sexier and more confident because I take all of the positive feedback I get from my fans personally.

“A nice original genuine compliment goes a long way with me.”

Lindsay also hopes to pursue a career in singing in the future, saying: “I have enjoyed singing all of life.

“I started taking voice lessons at the age of 10, was in choir in elementary and high school, and had leads in musical theatre productions.

“I have also posted singing videos on YouTube and Instagram accounts since I was 14 years old.

“So I am now focusing my attention on singing – which lockdown has really helped with, actually – and I’m currently working with an award-winning producer creating original songs which will be available on iTunes once completed.”