China threatens to take over Taiwan by conducting live-fire military drill of ‘soldiers seizing an island’

Political tension rises between China and Taiwan, new footage of troops simulating an island attack get released by Beijing. 

In the video, amphibious vehicles, attack helicopters and land-based missiles can be seen in the live-fire drill.

The video footage got broadcasted on CCTV, Saturday where soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are seen to take part in a massive military drill on an unidentified island.

The footage reflects on the political tensions between Taiwan and China that have spiked to a new level.

A video-clip on State Tv over the weekend shows a detained Taiwanese man ‘confessing’ of ‘spying’ who is held captive by the Chinese authorities. This man who was accused of ‘endangering national security’, by Beijing adds fuel to the already-strained relations.

Even though Taiwan has been self-ruled for more than seven decades, China still considers it part of its territory.

The Taiwanese President, on Saturday, says that she hopes for fewer tensions with China and listen to alter its approach by further restarting dialogue with the self-ruled island democracy.

Tsai in the annual address at the Presidential Office in downtown Taipei told-

‘As countries in the region and around the world are now concerned about China´s expanding hegemony, we hope this is the beginning of genuine change,’ Tsai said in her annual address at the Presidential Office in downtown Taipei.

But China responded to Tsai’s was seen in a different light with troops engaged in a huge drill.

The released footage released is said to have been filmed in the south-eastern coasts of Fujian and Guangdong provinces, China reportedly conducted by the PLA’s 73rd group army.

Lee Meng-chu, a Taiwanese businessman, is seen in the video-clip saying that-

‘I took my phone to record some videos,’ 

‘I am sorry. I have done a lot of bad things,’ 

He was reportedly detained in August at a Shenzhen border crossing. In the video footage, he wears a blue shirt and an orange vest with his prisoner number, while his hair is cropped short.

An unnamed police officer interviewed in the segment reveals that-

‘The pictures and videos he shot are enough for professional espionage organisations analysis. It is enough for them to assess our entire troop’s numbers and equipment status,’ 

China has also claimed to capture many more people who have been ‘spying’ and also cracked a series of cases.

in 1949 China and Taiwan got separated in a civil war, after which there have been no official relations but business ties are still prevalent.

The state media reports that Security personnel solved 100 spying cases and more.

While on Monday Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council says that the accusations are purely ‘political speculation’ 

Further adding to the statement- China is ‘falsely accusing our people of espionage’ and ‘harming the relations between the two sides,’.