“Catch me outside” girl Bhad Bhabie made insane amount of money on Onlyfans in just 6 hours after turning 18 years old

Danielle Bregoli also known as Rapper Bhad Bhabie claims to earn over $1 million within six hours after she joins OnlyFans.

She shares her news on her Instagram handle in a post that captioned: “Not bad for 6 hours, we broke the f*** out of that OnlyFans record.”

Bhad Bhabie got viral only after her appearance on the Dr Phil show, later she chose her career as a rapper with her stage name Bhad Bhabie

On her 18th birthday she decided to post her content on OnlyFans and was successful to break former Disney actor Bella Throne’s previous record of $1.3 million in 24-hours.

She uploaded a screengrab of the payment page and saw her receive $757,500 (£547,100) in subscriptions as well as $5,500 (£3,970) in tips and $267,600 (£193,200) in messages.

In short she made about a whooping amount of $1,030,703.43(£744,500) in six hours.

Many followers and users responded to her post commenting: “Y’all gave her a million dollars in a few hours wtf?”

Another wrote: “Please tell me at least some of this is going to charity. Absolutely filthy what some people are willing to spend on their fetishes nowadays.”

A user commented: “She JUST turned 18, y’all are f***ing creeps. You already know most of those subscribers are grown a** men.”

As a subscription to her content would set you back $23.99 a month. Meanwhile her bio states: “18. Crazier than u think. DM me. I am on here every night responding.”

She later updates her fans adding: “I’m gonna turn way up on here soon if people keep telling me what the f*** NOT to do. If I wanna get crazy a bich gonna get crazy. Vote on this even though I already know what u gonna pick.”