Call of Duty: Warzone squad sets new world record for most kills in a single game

A new world record has been set by a group of gamers on Call of Duty: Warzone , the record was set with 162 kills in a single game.

The 21-year-old American streamer Aydan Conrad was the one leading the squad. Earlier he had held many world record title for Solos vs Quads, Trios vs Quads with 150 players and Trios vs Quads with 200 players.

Earlier the record was of 143 kills in a single game, and he managed to smash the record by teaming up with ScummN, Newbz and Almond with 162 kills.

Wearing a highly sought-after sweaty Roze skin, Aydan did actually die a few times before being brought back from the gulag by his team mates.

During the game Aydan was wearing a in-demand sweaty Roze skin and also did die a few times where his team mates managed to brought him back from the gulag.

Aydan took it to Twitter to share his squad’s achievement and wrote, ‘New Squad World Record of 162 kills with @ScummN, @Almxnd_ and @TBE_Newbzz in a $500 wager. This will NEVER be broken…’