Call of Duty: Warzone players are calling for removal of “pay-to-win” operator

Players are not quite happy with Operator Roze’s new skin in Call of Duty: Warzone. Reportedly this feature allows the player to be invisible in the dark areas of maps, disrupting the balance for other players.

As seen, the “Rook” skin is the reward for Tier 100 Season 5 Battle Pass, and the outfit enables the Operator to get in black matte materials, with additional black face paint underneath the mask as well.

Thus, offering players a camouflage in shadowy corners, which is fairly present in Verdansk, The Gulag, and Rebirth Island.

It has also been found that it is way tougher to see get an inside view of the buildings from the outside, resulting in players to face the contrast between the different lights. 

In a video uploaded by HeyBucko Warzone that demonstrates the problem, in brief, shows no chance against the Roze player hiding in the other room, even after closing the location to end it.

On Reddit, APx_22 said, “I’m reaching a boiling point with this game. My luck is terrible as it is, but I’m starting to really dislike the play style most people have. I’ll run around and be tactical but I literally always die to someone who doesn’t move. It’s literally a game of hide until you see someone run across your screen,” 

Other players agree that isn’t fair in the game but at the same time admits that the skin offers an upper hand against enemies. 

All of the competitors were seen wearing Roze’s “Rook” skin at the Warzone Twitch Rivals tournament which seems like an odd phenomenon.

With a lot of the community using the premium pass, Raven Software is likely to not take it away from the game.

It is very likely that to not detract from the original design the developer could alter the skin moderately.

Currently, it all rests on Raven Software to take a note on the complaints of the community and balance things out on the same for future battles among players.