Britney Spears show Instagram Followers what she actually looks like without make up

Britney Spears, the famous singer, dancer, and actress took up to Instagram to show her fans a glimpse of her true self, carrying out day-to-day tasks just like any normal person would.

The star wanted her fans to know the difference between Britney on Instagram versus Britney in reality.

To us, it seems that Britney remains as beautiful as ever. And it’s nice for a change to see the real side of an influencer such as Britney Spears. A checked shirt, nerdy glasses, and a ladder to the side because she’s too short to change the bulb. We’re honestly in love with her cute little look.

Britney’s had a rough time this past couple of years. Her finances, mental health and music career have been largely influenced by her conservatorship.

Not being able to make her own decisions definitely hurts, ACU came forward to tell Britney that she was not alone in her fight, and that they would help her to gain her civil liberties back.

With all issues in mind, Britney continues to put on the most beautiful smile for her fans and refuses to give in to the pressure around her. #FreeBrittney has been going around, with fans advocating for her better health.

“Sometimes it’s nice to not try so hard and pull down your walls every now and then… It takes a lot of strength to do that.”

Brittney’s struggles are relatable, and she has opened up to her fans in the cutest way possible.