Borat’s on-screen daughter’s real life identity has been revealed

Borat’s on-screen teenage daughter Tutar who plays the role in Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film is Maria Bakalova.

In the year 1996, the 24-year-old Maria was born in Bulgaria. She also went to the Bulgarian National School of Arts.

In a scene in the new Borat film, she shares the screen as a Russian reporter who asks Rudy Giuliani to a hotel room for a drink.

Giuliani, 76, is Donald Trump’s attorney, and in the scene accompanies her to the hotel room with secret cameras and a microphone.

As Maria takes off her mic, Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, is filmed laying back on the bed, with his untucked shirt and fiddling with his trousers,.

Borat storms into the room and declares that the 15-year-old is ‘too old’ for Giuliani; the compromising clip was not taken well by Trump’s attorney and on Twitter dismissed it as a ‘complete fabrication’.

He mentioned to WABC radio, “It’s not an accident that it happens that I turn in all this evidence on their prince and darling Joe Biden who’s one of the biggest crooks in the last thirty years and since I have the courage to say that I’m the target.

“I’m a devil in Hollywood. Nothing about me comes out in that period of time, nothing sensational about me in the movie.

“Now all of a sudden there’s all this sensational stuff about me in the movie. Don’t know if it was added, doctored, manipulated, whatever.”

You can watch Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm today at Amazon Studios.