Biggest second world war bomb explodes as experts try to diffuse it

On Tuesday World War II unexploded bomb blows up, during a delicate operation. The moment gets captured on a video.

The shocking instance was filmed as Navy experts attempted to disarm the submerged mammoth 5,000 kg explosive at Szczecin, Poland.

The device, also known as ‘earthquake bomb’ was ‘nick-named’ Tallboy, one of the biggest bomb discovered till date.

Located at Piastowski Canal, the bomb was uncovered a year ago, in September 2019.

On October 14, 2020, a year after professionals were sent to handle it. The massive bomb contained 2,400kg of explosives, which resulted in the massive blast as seen in the video footage.

The intention was remote deflagration but sadly the unsuccessful attempt to defuse it resulted in detonation.

Despite getting it underwater the blast radius is seen to be pretty huge.

As confirmed by a spokesperson for the Navy Lieutenant Commander Grzegorz Lewandowski, confirms that nobody was injured during the explosion.

He then adds that all divers are safe as well, ‘The deflagration process turned into detonation,’ he said.

‘The object can be considered neutralised; it will not pose any more threat to the Szczecin-Swinoujscie shipping channel.’

 ‘All divers were outside the danger zone.’, assured Grzegorz Lewandowski

AP News reports that 750 and more people got evacuated from Piast Canal area and from the 2.4-kilometre exclusion zone that was set up, the blast felt throughout the port city of Swinoujscie. 

Before the operation, Lewandowski addressed the press, ‘Nobody has ever defused a Tallboy that is so well preserved and underwater,’

It was reportedly ‘world first’ because its size huge that its nose was sticking out of the water level.

His also acknowledged the chance of it exploding, after a submerge of almost eight decades-

‘The chemical processes that have been taking place in the bomb over time means that any impact, any vibration, any change of pressure caused by moving it could cause it to explode,’ Lewandowski said.