Amazon Driver Fired for Attempting to Snag a PlayStation 5

Everyone’s been a little too excited about the next-generation of consoles this time around. As is evident by the efforts of an Amazon delivery-man to steal a PlayStation 5 all for himself among other things.

Jenni Walker had reportedly ordered a PlayStation 5 for her son’s birthday. Footage shows that the driver simply tried to drive off with the PlayStation 5 instead of delivering it to the marked location.

Witnessing the incident, Jenni soon made contact with Amazon and they investigated the entire incident and gave Mrs Walker a complete refund for the entire console.

To be fair, the consoles are tough to find at this point, and a refund probably doesn’t do the entire situation justice. Neither does a 5 euro gift card, or 50 I assume; which Amazon very generously tried to offer.

Amazon couriers steal the PlayStation 5 and one was caught on video –  GizmoNova

Jenni Walker’s daughter decided to take the matter into her own hands and went off to the Amazon depot that the driver was supposedly operating from. This resulted in the driver getting relieved from his job as the boss confirmed his employment within the depot. Justice served!

There’s no news on what happened to the console, but it would seem clear that the Walkers didn’t get ahold of a next-generation console for this Christmas.