A new PS5 “mystery port” has been discovered

Sony finally revealed key specs, launch date and pricing for the PlayStation 5 earlier this week.

More information about the console is emerging daily and fans have now discovered a “mystery port” on the device.

The discovery has left fans confused with none able to confirm the purpose of the port.

Sony released new images of the device, which also showed the backside of the console in detail. One of those images featured the port which fans have been unable to pin point the purpose for.

The top of the backside of the PS5 contains the port, which is placed separately from all the other ports on the device.

Sony hasn’t confirmed what the port might be but many tin foil hat detectives have seemingly figured it out already.

It resembles a Kensington Security Slot, which is commonly found in laptops and is kind of an anti-theft system which prevents the hardware from being removed from a device.

Check out the image of the mystery port yourself and let us know if you figure it out:

What do you think it might be?